Founded in 1978, American United Marine has led the way in introducing
cutting edge technology to the American shipping industry

Ballast Water Treatment Systems

American United Marine Corporation (AUMC) partners with leading European manufacturers to provide American & Canadian ship-owners with State-of-the-Art equipment that will make operations more efficient to increase profitability.

Founded and led by Peter P. Lombard, a trained maritime engineer, AUMC uses technical expertise to ensure that only the very best products in each sector are represented and sold to American & Canadian companies.

Aside from product offerings, AUMC provides technical / engineering consulting services.

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Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) for DP Shuttle Tanker

American United Marine Corporation also partners with Clean Marine to supply a hybrid Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) unit's for:

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for MR Tankers

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for Handy Max Bulker

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for DP Shuttle Tanker

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for Very Large Gas Carrier

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems for Chemical Tankers

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